Friday, 11 April 2014

Full head clip in hair extensions

When you get "full head" clip-ins it means you get a lot more hair extension pieces etc to fit in your hair and give it a full head, full volume look. An average they are around ten pieces which are very thick and long.

Friday, 4 April 2014

What are clip-in hair extension?

Clip in hair extensions are non damaging to your hair, unlike the longer lasting extensions which require glues and bonds to repair the hair. These chemical substances can cause hair to turn out to be broken and to finally break off. Additionally, because you don't sleep in your clip on extensions they're much less likely to develop into broken not like the everlasting ones. They are most brought and indeed used for occasions like your marriage ceremony, a hot date or if you want to shine at your prom or school disco!

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Blonde Hair Extensions

Women in our society are empowering themselves as new professionals who perform their duties efficiently in a board room as well as a kitchen. She is not confined to only household activities; she is now a working professional too. These rapid changes have no doubt brought success to her but also exposed to certain problems and need to look good and presentable all the time. Everything is changing under the sun and so are beauty techniques. With hair styling products and stress, hair loss and dull thin hair problems are common.

Women are fascinated with celebrities on TV and magazines with long and voluminous hair. Celebrities also undergo major hair problems and find their rescue in wig extensions. With advancement in technology and awareness towards this trend, many women are finding them helpful. Wig extensions can be weaved with natural hair or can be used as a clip-on. Wig extensions are of two kinds, one made with natural human hair and other with synthetic natural hair. Synthetic wig extensions look fake and are easily recognizable whereas natural wig extensions gets mixed up with natural hair, give them a layered look, adds volume and looks beautiful and healthy. Blonde natural hair extensions are not easily available in a way because they are worn only by European and American women. They are not universal, and suits only to people who live in colder regions.

Celeb Extensions have a vast variety of blonde hair extensions offering different hues and streaks that can be blended with natural hair giving them a new dimension. They are made from natural Remy hair that means natural virgin human hair which are never chemically dyed and treated and their cuticle is intact. This allows women to dye it, style it with heat and wash it the way they can with their natural hair without deteriorating their quality. They look so real that nobody notices the difference.

There are many variations of hair extensions depending upon the way the hair is collected. Remy hair is a natural virgin hair which are never processed and are aligned in same direction, making them silky, shiny and tangle free. The best quality of hair extensions are from Russian women. Russian hair extensions are known for their silky texture and finest quality, owing to their climatic conditions.
Unlike synthetic hair extensions Celeb Extensions can endure exposure to sun for extended durations and show immunity to heat from styling and frequent shampoos.

If blonde extensions are chosen smartly considering the correct hue, texture, length according to face and eye color they can add more charm and beauty to their personality. But if they are of poor quality, synthetic or made of non Remy hair they can turn everything dull and unappealing.
Celeb Extensions provide authentic best quality Remy hair extensions with affordable prices and satisfaction of amazing results.

Blonde 12" Clip In Human Hair Extensions

Blonde 12" Clip In Human Hair Extensions
Blonde 12" Clip In Human Hair Extensions

Blonde 12" Clip In Human Hair Extensions

Thursday, 13 March 2014

What is the best human hair extensions?

Well as for I work for lush hair extensions I think it is best that I say them, but this blog will be featuring a lot of different things about the hair, fashion and beauty area.